Eek! I know! Thousands of blogs, millions of accounts, billions of posts (more like quadrillions)… here, one more!

Perhaps the difference is that it is from me, and each person is a world in itself! I would share my thoughts, concerns, poems, and on, and on.

Yep, I am not the most popular mom on the block, nor a makeup artist, just me. (wa,wa, waaa)

Who am I?

I am many_hats_Monica

First and foremost wonderfully knitted and created (although I have a list of imperfections).

After that, I was first a daughter, then a sister, a friend, girlfriend, mom… (and on and on).

What to expect?

An entrance here and there.

About what?

Well, that is a good question thanks goodness I am many_hats_Monica as such I can share about many things.


I like to play with words.

Friendster = Someone who is more than just a friend, a sister from the best Mister!.

Going back to Dreamlistic, realistic with many dashes of dreams.

Dreams can come true! Although they sometimes may seem unrealistic, at the same time is important to be real/honest (like don’t go around pretending to be someone you are not or pretend that you have it all together when it reality you are crumbling inside) – this could be a blog on its own.

Do you have a topic in mind?

Feel free to follow me on Instagram, send an email, or send a message.

At your service;

Monica Evans