Good morning Diary

Arise! It is 5:20 a.m.

Yawning, not really wanting to get out.

Got ready, here I go… to jog

The sky! The sky often gets me.

Most people enjoy when the day looks sunny and there are no clouds.

I actually like all the shades the sky gives, gloomy, sunny, cloudy, etc.

Outside looks majestic;

cloudy, dark, some lights from houses down the road.

As I continue jogging, the colors of the sky change.

Stop! And look around!

How is it that I can breathe and enjoy such beauty?

The birds started chirping (no picture for that), as the sun rises, the voices of the birds get louder.

I sing a song from my childhood, yet the song is actually praising the creation and not the Creator… I change the words of the song.

My 30 minutes of jogging is over, need to get ready. Through the window I see the sun, the road, it is a gift! My eyes say so, my soul says so.

I am ready to go on, with the day, with life, with the many hats given to me.

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At your service,

Monica Evans