RedForEd Walk-In/Walk-Out

In Arizona tomorrow the majority of schools will close their doors, no more walk-in. It is time to walk-out.

There are many cities in Arizona who offer affordable housing, the cost of living is not as high as in New York or California. From that angle, I don’t support a walk-out.

I do agree that teachers and staff are due for a pay increase. Nowadays pay increases come seldom, maybe once a year, I have not heard of many receiving a pay increase that goes above 10%, 15%, 20%. (Apparently the last raise in Arizona was 4.4%).

Apparently teachers are demanding

  • 20 percent salary increase
  • Restore education funding to 2008 levels
  • Competitive pay for all education support staff (I would like to know what does this means in dollars)
  • Permanent salary including annual raise
  • No new tax cuts

Is it realistic to get all the demands?

The governor is to solve those issues, and my guess is to accept all the demands for the teachers to go back.

The funding must come out of somewhere;

  • Increase taxes

  • Revisit the income of people who work for the public service and ensure they are fair (fair? – what is that?)

By the way, I wonder if all teachers really have the degrees they say they do (maybe review that and revisit their salary), do a performance review (maybe they already have one). If in case they don’t get, would the teachers be willing to go through testing to ensure they are up-to-date?

Our society likes to point fingers, I sometimes like to point fingers too, it is easier to make someone else responsible.

A walk-out is a strike. I wonder what would happen if a worker asks for a 20% increase and then decides to go on a strike?

Would the owner of the company be willing to wait?

Would you be willing to wait and then give in to the request?

Extra thoughts

Oh let me not forget, teachers are responsible for educating our children, government is responsible for the teachers to educate our children and so are the teachers.

Uhmm what about the parents?

What about the other different sectors that are under paid? Should they also strike?

What is the lesson that our children are learning?

Me, myself, and I … I am pro and against.

Thankfully, my significant other (a.k.a best friend, father of our children, boyfriend, etc.) is able to take care of them. Thankfully around our community there are churches that gather together to provide childcare, there are also several posts about childcare for $30 a day (no meal included), there are some stay home Moms who are willing to take kids in.

As a mom, I really wouldn’t like to leave my child with someone whom I/they don’t know (but sometimes parents need to do what they need to do).

So #RedForEdAZ #RedForEd it is my desire that the strike won’t take more than these two days.

What are you thoughts?

At your service;

Monica Evans

P.S The ideas express on this post are mine and mine alone.

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