Day 4 – Day 5

It seemed that Thursday was back to school day. But nope!

Many schools will remain closed.

Some teachers want to go back to school, some teachers want to remain on strike.

Choices, Respect, Tolerance

Seems like there are choices

  • Agree or disagree
  • Go or don’t go

As a society we talk about respect and tolerance. Yet when someone disagrees or when the minority disagrees with the majority then respect and tolerance disappears.

There are teachers who want to do their work, I respect that.

There are teachers who want to strike, I understand their reasons.

We are in a country where thus far we are free to choose. I am thankful for that.

For the ones that remain on strike, the bill must go through. (To a certain extent is understandable).

Two bands

Two bands in Arizona #RedForEd or #PurpleforParents

Both have their reasons.

I am unable to work from home, my husband is able depending on business needs.

Is this affecting us? Not that much (because of my husband’s work that is able to accommodate him {for the most part}). We can take turns. The organization I work for is been helpful too.

Is it affecting other parents? Yes! There are many who either are using funding to pay for care, or keeping their kids at home with no supervision, or staying home with them and they need to call out.

Is it affecting children? Perhaps the ones who have special classes or the ones who have counselors.

In the middle

A part of me is fed up with #RedForEd … when I think of the parents and children. A part of me understands that teachers don’t want to back down.

Did I mention that I dislike politics?

The world is chaotic, there is no #RedForEd or #PurpleforParents that will solve the chaos.

There is no politics, nor president. Everything starts in our hearts and our desire to be right.

Where are you?

Who do you stand for?

Update: way after the fact… the strike (p.c: walk out) ended but it seems that it will be back. RedforEd is now a political movement and so is PurpleforParents.

Monica Evans

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