From a Mom’s heart

I enjoy being a mom, sometimes it is weary, sometimes it is tiring, sometimes it brings tears to my heart… it also brings fresh air, happiness, hope.

I used to think that taking care of little ones was tiring, that I would get rest when they were older.

Now, we have a teen and a pre-teen… let me tell you, I am still tired (to be fair and square, I am thankful for my husband who is indeed my partner in this route call parenting).

Let me explain my tiredness

  • Reading, writing
  • Driving here, there, and everywhere
  • Attending activities
  • To be involve in their life
  • To know their whereabouts
  • To get to know their friends
  • My activities
  • The activities we do as a family
  • Let’s not forget the time with my significant other
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Full time worker
  • Plus other

Please don’t confuse my entry as a rant or someone who is overwhelmed and down.

Please know that I have my down times, yet they are here and there <after all, I am human>.

My heart rejoices and I am grateful

We have a teen and a pre-teen, they soon will fly. Right now is the time to see them start making decisions, support them, talk to them, still guide them while starting moving slowly to the side lines.

When our teen and pre-teen come to ask for our opinions, when they come and ask for help related to a project… oh! Is like my heart is about to come out.

When they do their schedule of things to do, when they care for the time and how they use it… my tiredness goes away.

Our teen and pre-teen are still imperfect, they still need reminders (specially when it comes to making their bed or taking care of shoes, papers or notices related to activities, etc). Sometimes they try to see if the boundaries still apply. The boundaries portion, let me tell you, that is really tiring! And sometimes … it will be easier to give up but to be consistent … that sure takes energy!

About my mom feelings

Today a friend came over asking one of our sons for piano lessons, today one of our sons asked for help with taking photos for a project.

Today they both asked if their friends can come over. Of course we like when their friends come over, we get to know them, we get to hear their conversations, we get to hear their opinions.

My heart, stay still.

Perhaps because I am a mom, I pay attention to each detail.

What about you?

What is your biggest challenge?

What makes your heart leap with joy?

Wearing the mom hat…

At your service,

Monica Evans


  1. @asiesalemania cada etapa tiene sus detalles lindos. Disfruta cada estación. Si Mamá pudo con 3 y con todo lo que le tocó vivir, nosotras también 😘

  2. Ay me encanto moni !!! Mi biggest challenge es por ahora andar pilas aún estar cansadaza y lo que más disfruto por ahora son sus abrazos besos y besitos ! ❤❤❤

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