Intentional about serving a Mom

Yesterday there was greeting cards, roses, special notes, etc to recognize motherhood. Today maybe some of the celebration continues because some children or family were not able to get together, send an email, etc.

The other side

There were some Moms that were not acknowledge, maybe there was a lonely mom, maybe there was a mom who had a miscarriage, could be that there is a mom who was weary for the workload, the bills, etc.

Perhaps there is mom who is still caring after her adult child due to sickness or the many challenges that we face when living on planet earth.

  • A mom with an autistic child
  • A mom with a mentally challenge child
  • A single mom
  • A mom who is sick and doesn’t have family around

To us readers who may have had a nice time, it will be nice if we could be less self-centered and be willing to look around to see the mom in need of a hug, to be the ears for that mom who needs to talk, to be the helping hand.

The intentional part

We often think that we have the right to be shower with gifts, flowers… what about them? They sure work hard too!

If each person would be willing to look to their right or look to their left, I am sure we will get to know that mom who (fill the blank).

Yesterday in many countries of the world people celebrated motherhood, but the celebration or the acknowledgment doesn’t need to end. Today you can be purposeful, maybe in your family you know of a mom who simply needs a break, simply needs time to sit down and have a cup of coffee, simply needs a flower, etc.


It doesn’t need to be that complicated.

We humans like to complicate things (for the most part), we humans enjoy the attention. Perhaps I am too general and I should write,

I like to complicate things, I like to be the attention.

I want to be purposeful and my desire is to surrender because of the love that was shown to me.

For you mom, my mom… it is always my desire to tend after my sisters, to be a helpful hand. It is my desire to serve you, although I don’t make it a priority.

Today can be Mother’s Day too.

What do you think?

Were you celebrated?

At your service,

Monica Evans

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