Believe, Unbelieve – The Fact

Today I am philosophizing (Filosofando – I like the Spanish version of this word)


I don’t believe in gravity.

You believe in gravity.

We are indeed free to believe in the existence of gravity or not.

The fact is that gravity exists.

Want to test it?

Throw something and see what happens.


I don’t believe in love.

You believe in love.

A scientific experiment cannot proof love.

I don’t see love, I cannot touch love.

Yet love exists.

How do you know?

There are many expressions of love that are deeper than giving material gifts, deeper than kissing, hugging, etc.


Indeed we are free to believe in whatever we want, we are free to have faith in evolution, creationism, intelligent design, etc.


What is truth?

Why is that we exist?

What is our purpose?

To ponder…

what are your believes?

Do you ever think about it?

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