Extracts of our story

Once upon a time, a decade plus some years, a young lady from Peru (that would be me) + a young male from San Diego (that would be him), met in the town of Telluride, Colorado.

He would said that their first encounter was interesting, the young lady was sort of rude that is because I didn’t stay long (it was a <nice to meet you> situation) I needed to go to do my job.

He would also say that she stole his shoes to call his attention (I can guarantee you, that didn’t happen).

From my side of the story, I remember him skiing down the mountain and throwing snow at me with his skis.

Our first meet was when he was at a company party and he asked if I wanted a drink (I said sure, and asked for CocaCola).

We were fast

What I shared above was around November, early 2000’s …

December we were talking a little more.

January he was a good friend who would tell me stories about his life. He invited me to Poacher’s pub, I will order soda (he wondered why I never ordered a beer or an alcoholic beverage).

February he asked me to date him.

Big parentheses

I remember sometime late February he invited me to go to Montrose, Colorado. Our date was set for 5 p.m. (5 p.m. came and he wasn’t there), 5:15 p.m. he was still M.I.A, 5:30 p.m. uhmm i went to his apartment to see what was going on.

He was playing cards with a friend, mind back then none of us had a cell phone or a phone.

I consider myself outspoken, so I said

“If you want to play dating, I am not interested. I don’t like to wait, yet I waited 30 minutes. I don’t like to play games, so if this is a game… it was nice to meet you” – I remember his big blue eyes wide open, surprised.

His response; no one has ever spoken to me like that. Let me get ready and I can guarantee you that this would not happen again.

Years later he told me that he was nervous about going out and that he likes the fact that I am honest and he appreciates my self-respect.

Back to the timeline

March I went back to my Country.

April He came to my homeland to talk to my family and ask permission to marry me.

May we said yes to each other.

Surreal! We are aging together… some of the things that I like about my best friend, husband, lover, etc are;

1. His determination to travel miles away to ask my family permission to marry me.

2. His determination to travel to a foreign country, to eat our food, mingle with my family and friends

3. He showed respect towards my father, mother… and the list goes on.

I will share at a later time about our dating days, our time while we were engaged, and our wedding date.

Wonder Years

On the mean time… below a picture.

The years go by and you can see that we were young, skinny, wrinkle free…

365 days ahead

One more year with my side kick, bestie, cool dude… life is fun with him despite the roller coaster of life.

We are both imperfect, we are fast to forgive, and getting better at been slow to anger. We sure were forgiven first.

What about you?

– Do you like love stories

– Something unique about your significant other?

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