Thoughts that become actions

In lieu of the recent suicides in the United States is that I write this entry.

During the 2017-2018 school year, 12 teens ended their life in the school district we were part of. The past week two famous people took their life.

It is good that a hotline exists for suicide prevention. 1-800-273-8255.

Perhaps, the fact that on the other side of the line is an unbiased person makes it easy to be real and honest about self.

I wonder

⁃ how does the process go?

⁃ or how it is intended to work?

⁃ how do they follow up?

My desire is to be tactful about this sentiment, not to boast or be know it all (because, of course, I don’t know it all).

The intentional act of causing one’s death is related with factors such: depression, anxiety, among other mental and physical challenges including substance abuse.

It can be an imbalance of hormones, it can be related to food intake, lack of sleep, besides the thousands of thoughts an ideas that goes through someone’s head.

We can be millionaires of the decade yet the millions wont quench our desire for more, we may get another million, but the desire for more is there.

We can be in a party, full of music, laughs. We can smile and play along, yet inside our hearts can feel lonely.

We can have the handsomest or more gorgeous someone, maybe not only one, maybe more than one partner. Kisses come and go, the spare of the moment, sexual inter-course, yet we don’t have this sense of belonging or love.

We can be in a monogamous relationship, many years of togetherness, maybe there is not a child, maybe there is a child, two, three… and there is a burden to provide, to get some sleep.

We can be escalating the corporate world, or be on the top of our career, yet inside we feel that we are inadequate, not good enough.

I can 100% guarantee you, that you and I have had those thoughts.

Dear reader, I am bias, and I have motive behind my writings.

I am bias, because I do believe

⁃ we have a purpose

⁃ life is not about me

⁃ this is not the best life

⁃ we don’t only live once

The motive behind my writings is to share a little window about life and most important about hope, mercy, and grace.

Let me remind you, you are not alone…

Another entry regarding this subject will come, on the mean time;

Are you depressed?

Are you anxious?

Do you know someone who struggles with depression or anxiety?

What are your thoughts?

I would like to read your thoughts, stories, challenges, success.

At your service;

Many Hats Monica

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