Thoughts that become actions (Part 2)

‎בּשֶׁת – Bosheth – Shame

A painful feeling.

Shame: we all feel it at some point.

Not many acknowledge shortcomings or imperfections.

We want to tell everyone that we are good, or that we are not that bad.

Mentally we have a scale of the bad things we do and the good things we do. We try to do a lot of good to overcome the bad.

We have the tendency to hide our shame or to make it look like everything is good. After all we are following what makes us happy but in solitude we may still feel lonely and feel the shame of doing (fill the blank).

  • Dealing with pornography
  • Dealing with alcoholism
  • Dealing with shame for something you didn’t do. For someone done to you.
  • The list goes on

In our society, we are boxes, boxes who appear to have it all under control, we share the good: trips, gatherings full of smiles, yummy food, the many cool places we visit, etc.

What about those arguments prior to the pictures we take full of smiles?

What about those places that have gorgeous something yet they are close to unpleasant views?

What about the times when you are surrounded by friends and family, yet your heart is still lonely?

There is a solution…

from the humanistic point of view alone, we can share, find someone to share with… your struggles, your loneliness…

Among humans we shall be able to solve the issue… some will say.

I find it A M A Z I N G that we seek after fulfillment in soo many things and corners the world offers; work, family, friend’s, self… when A M A N Z I N G L Y we will find fulfillment when we are ready to surrender.

Surrender pride, surrender the fact that we don’t have it all perfect and acknowledge that help is needed.

When we are willing to share our deepest thoughts and struggles with someone who truly love us and who is willing to be a servant, who is willing to listen, who is willing to share truth with love because of mercy and grace.

Oh! How our heart desires to have a purpose, to belong, to be loved…

At end “do what makes you happy” could be the very thing that brings shame. How to know what is right and what is wrong?

If we seek at the culture, at society, among us… it will always change, what today is right, tomorrow will be wrong.

At your service,


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