Emotional much

I am seating here… looking at pictures from our youngest at camp.

A roller coaster of emotions, the house is sort of quiet; the husband of my heart is playing a piece from Les Miserables (which is not very helpful with the emotions and thoughts that go through my head and heart), our oldest is working in some drawing project.

You see, our boys are growing up. Although that makes us happy, it also brings melancholy.

Melancholy of the times when they were little, is like a movie full of memories. I can remember; how we found out we were expecting each of our children, each pregnancy, each birth, their first birthday, when they learned how to (fill the blank).

Now they are more independent, as the years go by they will start flying to the point that they will fly away from the nest (aren’t we preparing them for that?).

I am amazed at the amount of emotions, it is between happiness and sadness. Happy because they are indeed growing, extending their wings little by little. Sad because chapters are closing, some unique, fun, challenging chapters are already part of the past (the nights with no sleep, diaper changing, kindergarten, etc).

Maybe I shouldn’t go ahead of time, we still need to swim through the waters of those teenage years.

Sons, if you ever read this entry… know that you are tremendously loved! Since the very moment we learned of your existence. May our Creator provide us with wisdom as we continue parenting you two.

If you are a parent, do you get nostalgic? Or are you the parent who is counting the days for your children to move out?

If you are a child, do you roll your eyes when your parents get emotional?

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