Flight Adventures

Many dislike the idea of taking an airplane, some others are terrified about that idea.

There are short distance flights and flights that take hours.

I must share that I am more optimistic than pessimistic about almost everything. Sometimes it is an advantage, some others a disadvantage in a sense that I truly forget about the challenges or difficulties.

To me the entire idea of going somewhere by plane is exciting! (Except the waiting in lines, the taking the shoes off, getting padded).

To me traveling by air means opening a gift, opening a gift slowly, I imagine a box with a bow, everything inside is a surprise.

Airplane Tickets

When should I buy my airplane ticket?

For international flights I found that 30 – 90 days prior to your travel date is best. However; you can keep an eye on the prices before that range (it is up to you).

Nowadays there are different applications to see whether the prices go up or down.

I really like to research the high and low seasons as well as check the prices of the airplane tickets per month and see how the prices fluctuate.

I found this cool video on Facebook about different airlines by continents, a small list is in the tool section.

What days?

Thursdays appears to be the date to buy airline tickets (some may still say that Tuesdays are the best day to buy airline tickets), avoid Sundays as much as possible.

When should I depart?

If inside the U.S Tuesdays and Wednesdays

If going abroad weekdays

Where should I buy my airplane tickets?

That is entirely up to you. We like to check different sites and we choose the site that has seats available for 4, on the dates we want, and that the price is low. It will be a good idea to get those mileage points if you are committed to a specific airline (we are not).

We like to leave either Wednesday or Friday (as much as possible, that way we can use weekend days to extend our stay).

Things to remember

If traveling abroad

Be sure your passport is up to date and it should be valid for at least six months after your return home and have two more blank pages.

Have your passport and itinerary ready, I know of some who end up forgetting to bring their passport (true story)

Check if you need a visa, contact the embassy of the foreign destination, some countries may not let you enter without a visa (I also know someone who didn’t check before traveling, long story short, the issue was resolve).

Where is your next flight?!

Do you have some tips?

Until next time.

At your service



Traveler’s checklist

Thus far my favorite apps are


SkyScanner (simple and easy to use)


Google Flights

Trip Advisor


Flights Bank

Short Clips in Spanish



Airlines by continents

If you need the links, send me an e-mail and I would gladly share the links (Free)

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