Self Pleasure may lead to…

I started with sex. Perhaps I should have started with lies, because the culture has a way to lie to us.

If we choose the culture perspective then it may result in self pleasure which may lead to pornography and I will stop there.

Depending in where our identity is found is that we will live our life.

If we have a distorted version of sex then some of the results may be:

  • sex is dirty
  • sex is purely for pleasure
  • Sex is to be hidden
  • Sex is for the moment
  • Sex = love
  • among other lies

Let’s go through the route… if sex is purely for self pleasure and is about me, myself, and I, I would only think about my urge the result may be self gratification.

If self gratification is the result then masturbation maybe the route to follow.

Some time ago, I was watching this show of a famous female; the subject suggested introducing female teens to a vibrator, how self pleasure is empowering for females and by extension males alike. I wonder if any of them do know the consequences that self pleasure may bring.

There maybe a time when self pleasure is not good enough and more is needed.

Pornography may be the next step because it provides a new rush.

Pornography is a big topic, back on the days it was not as accessible as it is today. Nowadays a child may get hooked on pornography at an early age, the images that are available messes up with the view of what the act is about.

Uhmm at that point it can be a slippery slope.

We have in our culture some examples of what addiction to the rush brings, have you seeing the news lately?

  • We have a singer who has a distorted version of sex
  • We have the owner of a famous team who has a distorted version of sex
  • We have politicians who have a distorted version of sex

Now we also have many songs that have a sexual agenda, maybe you want to take time to read the lyrics (some of the tunes can be catchy, to the point that you will sing it and won’t pay attention to the lyrics).

As a society we maybe desensitized to the words or messages. Below some examples … by the way, this can be a good exercise and a conversation starter plus you can think and ponder about the lyrics and whether they are profitable or not (link of lyrics below… no! I do not get any profit for sharing the information below).

The trend is sadness, drugs, carelessness, sex.

Pornography sells, songs about sex sells, lies sell.

Sex sells, intimacy that was created to enjoy in safety and at the right time is place aside because is perceived as boring and meaningless. Seems that lies become truths, and our teens, families, are buying it.

What is your opinion? Do you disagree?, I would be interested to read your worldview.

Until next Tuesday!

At your service;

Mónica Evans

P.S. If you are dealing with addiction to pornography, masturbation, etc (maybe you are not addicted yet but you want out); maybe your son, daughter friend is struggling with the topics mentioned above. There is a way out. It is call surrendering … surrendering that side that gives pleasure but afterwards makes you feel shame, lonely, yucky (or maybe it gives you a new desire to seek after a higher rush, that will only dig a dipper hole).

To whom do you surrender? To the only one who can give you a new heart and new desires. It won’t be an easy ride. I’ll share more about that on the next Entry.

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