Resources for Courageous Dialogues

It is easier to do what is wrong than to do what is right.

It is easier to set things aside than to work on them.

Started to write a series of courageous dialogues that led to write about topics that should start at home. Thus far I wrote about


Self pleasure


From my perspective is very important to understand our worldview and our purpose in life because that is the foundation for everything else.

I shared with you that I am bias (I truly believe each of us are), we all have some kind of agenda. Mine is to share Christ in every aspect of my life.

Navigating the road of life together (you don’t see the one taking the picture)

There are many books out there that provide guidance, many self help material, podcasts, etc each of them have an agenda and a worldview. We need to discern what is right and wrong, take the good and place aside what is not. My guidance to define right and wrong is the Bible.

With that in mind, is that I am sharing a list of tools that I found it to be helpful. Remember I do not get pay to share this information and there are some of the tools that I will share that I wholeheartedly agree and others that I take what is right (according to my worldview) and leave aside what is not;


  • Java with Juli
  • Equipped
  • Ask away


  • Rethinking Sexuality
  • Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex
  • Porn Generation


Other resources

Do you have a book, podcast, video, that helped while walking this life? If so share away.

At your service;

Monica Evans

P.S 2: To whom do you surrender? To Christ.

Perhaps you think this is the dumbest idea. Have you even explore or thought about it before making a statement.

You don’t need to be perfect to come to Christ, in fact the Bible is full of imperfect people (did you know that?)

I will share my personal journey. On the mean time if you have questions, are curious about who Christ is, let me know. I will be glad to share Christ and find a way to connect you with someone in your community.

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