You is Intelligent

Recently I went to a Junior Achievement event for youth that are about to graduate high school. As I mentioned before, totally enjoy talking to our youth. This was the first time that a youth mentioned something other than college. His aspiration is to be a welder.

Perhaps I have the wrong perception, so far my perception is that in the United States of America there is this big push for University/College education. But is everyone wired to go to college?

The cost of education on this side of the world is E X P E N S I V E! Ridiculously expensive! If we truly believe that we are unique and have different talents then not everyone is wired to be a Doctor, an Engineer. Could be that the push is because nowadays our youth are seeking to be the next famous YouTuber, entrepreneur, athletic star, or singer.

Anywho, there are different types of intelligence and it doesn’t mean that one is better than the other. Unfortunately in today’s world we surely give priority to those that are famous or to those jobs that have big titles (could be due to the amount of revenue they provide).

If you google you will find different information about the types of intelligence.

Why is important to know this information?

I have this perception (maybe erroneous) that we parents have the tendency to give an extra affection when our children get awards or straight A’s (of course, effort is important) yet not everyone was created to sit still and have

⁃ Mathematical intelligence

⁃ Linguistic intelligence

⁃ Musical intelligence, etc

Growing up, I remember my parents used to tell me to do my best at every subject and if I did my best yet the results were not A (A = 20 in Perú) then it was all good. I don’t recall getting in trouble for low grades, I did get in trouble for no effort in doing homework.

I also remember having this desire to be a lawyer, my parents signed me up for law related classes (unfortunately I found them extremely boring and ended up sleeping … my desire for helping people and studying law was not as strong as I thought it to be).

As a mom, I tried to encourage and cheer our boys when they show initiative and/or show the process of their work. What do you do? How or when do you encourage your children or the ones around you?

Are we surely able to do everything we want or become everything we want to be?

Are we equipping our children with the reality of wants, needs, talents, skills, abilities, vocation?

What is success?

If I come from nothing to later become nothing, perhaps the focus of success is me, myself and I. I can do all things for my own pleasure as long as I don’t hurt others.

If I surrender to Christ then success is obtained when at peace because every decision was with the intention to Glorify the One who gave it all for me.

At your service;

Mónica Evans

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