It is adventure time!

When was the last time you took time to discover around? When was the last time you were adventurous?

Adventures don’t need to be expensive, they don’t have to be a pain in the brain, and a sore spot in your pocket.

Stay-cations, road trips, traveling inside the country, traveling abroad, traveling by sea. It is really great that we can enjoy time doing something outside of the day to day life.

No matter where in the world you are, look around and find something unique to do.

Some ideas

One hike = a tiny vacation and for sure an adventure!

Look for trails to hike, lately I enjoy hiking! It is like finding a unique ending every single time.

I use an app that shows how many miles and what the incline will be, it also gives me driving directions to the trail.

Unfortunately I am not close to any trail, yet by choice I wake up early and try to hike a different trail each time. Sometimes friends come along, sometimes the boyfriend of my heart comes along, sometimes the kids of my friends come along, sometimes our children come along. I am yet to hike alone.

Hikes are free (for the most part), good for your heart (literally!), and the views! Creation is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Get enough water, bring some snacks, and enjoy as you discover new views. Of course remember to pick up your trash and belongings.

Stay-cation with taste

How about go to a nice, unique restaurant? Are you up to trying a new cuisine? New flavors?

Don’t be sooo picky, maybe ask to taste before you order that way you don’t end up throwing away money or food.

You can cook something unique and out of the ordinary. Come on! Nowadays there is really no excuse, you have YouTube, Pinterest, Google.

You can literally take your bike or go walking (if there is a market closed by) and go shopping for your specific dining adventure. Or when weather permits, find a nice park and go for a picnic.

We have some friends who want to teach their kids about other cultures. They look for specific recipes and try to find a movie that matches that culture. I find that fascinating!

Don’t care for hiking, going to a nice restaurant, or a cooking adventure?

Other activities

Uhmm! maybe, only maybe go into groupon and look for activities around your area, do something out of the ordinary, avoid sitting down, ordering fast food, and watching (Netflix, movies, etc.).

In my opinion, there will be a time to sit down, a time may come when my legs are no longer strong, a time may come when my sight will not be as good as it is now, a time will come when I may not be able to walk, hike, jump, jog…

Do something unique and refreshing, be willing to go out and explore.

In Arizona there are many, many places to visit and many, many trails to hike. There are many food trucks, restaurants, dance lessons, kayaking opportunities, etc.

Remember, doesn’t have to be expensive. Don’t have much money? Pair with a friend!

Do you have other ideas?

What was your latest adventure?

At your service;



AllTrails app


Living Social


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